About this site

At song 46 in the 2006 triple j Hottest 100 countdown I decided to see how the "LIVE" player on the Triple J site was getting the track list. Looking at the HTTP requests the Flash movie was making I found it was loading a XML with a random number in the query string (to stop caching). The list must have been re-built on the server as each song was played on the radio as it was not a full 1-100 list but rather a list of the current song playing on the radio with a history of the rest. I tried to "hack" the request with a few obvious query string name/value pairs, but had no luck. I then had the idea of using this feed to build a site with some stats on the countdown as it happened. So I whipped up an XML fetcher and a parser to put the data in a database for some common queries. I then reworked a free skin from the Open Source Web Design collection and added some iTunes affiliate links to cover the hosting.

During the top ten, Western Sydney had a power outage (blackout) and soon after I went to a mates B&S themed BBQ so I didn't get to finish the site 'till the following day. But here it is anyway. Next year I hope to have the updates working LIVE

Change Log

Update: 25 Feb 2024

Added a ridge line chart to the "All-time Top Artists" section on the all stats page. To visually show Artsits frequency to get multiple tracks into the chart over many years. It's interesting to see the multi-year popularly of artists over a time span. Hilltop Hoods, Kanye West & Arctic Monkeys are multi-year favourites.

Update: 11 Feb 2024

Added a "Battle of the Sexes" section to the all stats page. This shows the number of tracks with feminine and masculine references in the title. This is a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. It's surprising how few tracks have a gender reference in their title (but I imaging the number of references in the lyrics is nearly all!). I hope to add some more charts to this page in the coming years.

Update: 29 Jan 2024

Change to the link colour to increase the contrast to make it better complie to the WebAIM WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Added "Stats" to the page headings to improve SEO.

Update: 30 April 2021

Subtle Theme

Biggest change to the project in years. In preparation to release the source-code as open source, I created a new simplified, more modern theme - using flex box, subtle gradients and new fonts. I also replaced the Raphaël graphs with a D3 circle packing visualisation to help convey the "Hot Score" concept. Behind the scenes, I set up a development workspace in Docker and dev'ed using VS Codium and the new Panic Nova (Beta).

You can contribute to this project, or fork a version and go your own way at: Coming …

Update: 07 Feb 2020

Removed Tshirt Hell adverts. After X years showing adverts for Tshirt Hell I made $12 which I was forced to put towards a tshirt as they were closing down their affiliate program - I got this one (which will go nicely with this one which equally annoys people when they get it). Also today. Setup letsencrypt for HTTPS.

Update: 10 Feb 2015

Campfire Theme

Launched a redesigned comical HTML5 "Fire burn/campfire" design with heavy use of CSS3 and better smart phone display. iTunes and links were removed... we'll think of something better to replace them with later.

Update: 25 Feb 2012

Today the countdown for 2012 was added. We are moving to a Node.js based backend (to have a play with this new "language") and as such will be inadvertently making an API available for others (maybe you?) to build something cool off. This will also expose the data where I'm sure there are some inconsistencies - so please report them. We've also moved to using more CSS3 features, doing away with some images, so the pages should load even faster (and look prettier). Hope you enjoy using this site and if you'd like to keep updated as soon as updates happen (which is about once a year, join our mailing list - by just sending me your email in the contact form).

Update: 15 Feb 2011

It's been awhile since updates. I missed the Australia Day traffic spike (normal lasts for about 5 days) but I've update the db with the 2009 & 2010 countdowns. And finally the site has a new design (inspired by Google Analytics) which will allow for easier navigation and the room for some decent graphs… soon, soon.

Thank you to Cached Commons CloudFlare for the CDN hosting of Raphaël and gRaphaël which is used to show the top artists graphs.

Update: 2 Feb 2009

I have added a cool little script to sort the table columns - thanks Joost.

I've also finally done some basic analytic reports on all the Hottest 100 countdowns (needs better formatting). It's amazing to see the number of inclusions by some artists. When working on these reports I noticed a lot of inconsistencies in the artists names (like "Doors" compared to "The Doors") so much of this has been cleaned up (let me know if you find anything as this will effect the stats)

Internally I have done some documentation for myself on how to phase the data from Triple J and what else to update on the site each year, so hopefully you will see a quicker turnaround next year.

Also check out the 'Triple J' group on and what people are saying about the Hottest 100 on twitter.

Update: 14 Feb 2007

Over a year on and still not where I picture it should be. I have just added the latest count down for 2007 and managed to get data for 16 other polls from the past. No XML here, this was all a manual grep on invalid HTML tables and lists and even lines separated with break returns (<br>).

I've added a basic statistics to show artists that have had enough votes to get more than one track into the top 100 (in the past the Cure were the kings of this). I plan to add some more stats (and graph them with the Google Charts API) soon. Come back soon.


  • NSLog(); for documenting the iTunes URL format - iTunes links removed
  • ARCSIN for the designer template - now fully hand coded and designed by RMW Web Publishing
  • Raphaël and gRaphaël for the graphs
  • Apple for iTunes (and hopefully some affiliate income) - Apple stopped their affiliate program - I didn't make cent
  • for the great social music resource - links removed but still a great service
  • Google Fonts API for the cool "Averia Sans Libre" font used on the site. Now using "IBM Plex Sans" & "Rubik"
  • Triple J site for the greatest (and biggest) voted music countdown in the world

See "humans.txt" for more.